Like I was saying…

MG Siegler over at PandoDaily (which, by the way, has been serving up grade A content since it launched yesterday):

Remember when VHS tapes were upwards of $100 to buy? Then they started making some priced-to-own and guess what? People started buying them. DVDs were priced to own from the start, but as their prices fell, guess what happened? More and more were sold. In fact, it became the bread and butter of the industry. The iTunes model for music has proven that people will pay for content. You just have to make it as accessible as possible. That means both price and distribution points. Instead, Hollywood has lost its collective mind. And its way. They want legislation that will puncture the fabric of the web. It’s insane. Let’s say that both SOPA and PIPA are passed - does piracy stop? Of course not. It will find a way. No matter what happens, it will always find a way. The best way to combat piracy is to remove barriers, not to put up new ones.

This is essentially the same thing I brought up last week. Content providers are operating in some fantasy world where neutering the internet will stop piracy. We all agree piracy is a problem, but it’s ludicrous to propose a cure that’s worse than the disease. If the MPAA, RIAA, et al. recognized the opportunity to do something meaningful that’s been staring them in the face, we’d all be much better off.