From the latest Burning Man Newsletter:

It is clear that many people seeking Burning Man tickets for 2012 padded their odds by requesting more tickets than they need, and having friends, family and campmates ALSO register, ALSO requesting more tickets than they need.  There are an unexpectedly high number of registrants, and they are requesting 1.7 tickets/person on average.

As a result, a significant number of people will not be awarded tickets in the Main Sale.

And while it may seem at first blush that there’s a shortage of tickets available, the reality is that there are now a lot of tickets held by our community that will now simply be redistributed to those who need them. Based on analysis we hold a strong belief that things will settle out over the course of time, once that redistribution takes place, such that most everybody who wants a ticket will find their way to one.

Even if there is a large number of tickets in circulation, that adds more stress and general nonsense to acquiring one. For people who get tickets from the lottery, it will all be fine - but, for those who aren’t so lucky, I see this devolving into a Grade-A fiasco.

I really, really hope I’m wrong.