Last week, I was inspired by a blog post to roll my resume into its own API. The challenge, as described in one of SEOmoz’s GitHub repos, was to build an API for your resume in Ruby. Having only very little experience with Ruby (and having meant to dive into it for a long time), I took the opportunity to teach myself something new.

Enter RESTume (see what I did there?).

This was a project (the core of it, at least) that took me no time at all to throw together while I waited to hop on a plane last week. I fleshed out the rest of it (unit tests, Bundler support, deployment on one of my VPSs) over the course of this past weekend when I had downtime during the Long Beach Grand Prix.

Needless to say, I’ll be attaching a link to RESTume with any new job application I submit. If nothing else, it’s an easy way to demonstrate ability and present yourself in a possibly unexpected way.