So I started a new job on Monday and have been interested in getting up and running with optical character recognition (OCR) libraries as a little side-project related to my new duties. Tesseract seems to be the de facto “go-to” software for OCR and I wanted to get up and running with it and some Python bindings. As I found out, this is actually easier said than done and requires a very minor hack that I haven’t found documented anywhere on the web.

Before we begin, note that I installed Tesseract and its dependencies with Homebrew. These instructions may work for MacPorts installs, but I haven’t tested that - your mileage may vary.

Installing Tesseract (and its dependencies) was as simple as cracking open terminal and running brew install tesseract. You’ll also want to make sure you have Swig installed - if you don’t, run brew install swig. Next I had to get a python-tesseract tarball to build. I’m a big fan of virtualenv and I use it for basically every little thing I do with Python - I set up a new one with virtualenv tesseract_test. I ran source bin/activate in my new virtualenv and then untarred the python-tesseract archive. Then I ran, as suggested by the build docs, python clean followed by python build and was greeted with this piece of wonderful news:

include path=/opt/local/include
Current Version : 0.7
running build
running build_py
file (for module tesseract) not found
file (for module tesseract) not found
running build_ext
building '_tesseract' extension
swigging tesseract.i to tesseract_wrap.cpp
swig -python -c++ -I/opt/local/include/tesseract -I/opt/local/include -I/opt/local/include/leptonica -o tesseract_wrap.cpp tesseract.i
tesseract.i:11: Error: Unable to find 'publictypes.h'
tesseract.i:12: Error: Unable to find 'thresholder.h'
tesseract.i:13: Error: Unable to find 'baseapi.h'
error: command 'swig' failed with exit status 1

I’m not the only person who has run into this problem (which was the primary factor that motivated me to pen this). The build is failing because Swig can’t find the right files - not because they don’t exist, but because the setup script is looking in the wrong place. The fix for this is extremely simple - open in your favorite editor and, on line 10, change




Save and exit. Homebrew, by default, symlinks software it installs into /usr/local - the setup script was looking for them in /opt/local instead. Changing this will correct that issue. Try running python build again. It should complete successfully this time and you can then run python install - you now have a working Python binding for Tesseract installed!

I hope this helps someone avoid the headscratching I endured for a little while trying to figure this out.