2012 was a hell of a year - 2013 is shaping up to be even better. Still, though - for as outstanding as 2012 was for me personally, I still have a few things I’d like to attempt to improve my life a bit. Here are my resolutions for 2013:

  1. Be a better boyfriend.

    I cherish my relationship with my girlfriend, but it’s all too easy for me to get sucked into work or other activities. I want to find a more appropriate work-life balance this year.

  2. Back to the gym with my comically-out-of-shape ass.

    While this is pretty standard resolution for a lot of people, I was really good about going to the gym 4-5 times a week when this was one of my resolutions for 2011. Last year I only made it sporadically. This year, I want to get back on the wagon.

  3. Learn Scala or Clojure.

    Or Both.

  4. Blog more.

    I only occasionally post on here anymore - I’d like to change that so I’m pumping out 1-2 quality posts a week.

  5. Drink less.


  6. See my friends more often.

    This is a resolution I made with Bryan and Zan - it’s only going to get harder for us to see our friends as we get older, so we might as well try to enjoy each other while we still can.

To 2013!